Máy gia công trung tâm làm cửa tủ bếp

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Máy gia công trung tâm làm cửa tủ bếp
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Máy gia công trung tâm làm cửa tủ bếp

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9.0kw Trục xoay ATC làm mát bằng không khí

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Servo Nhật Bản Yaskawa

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About us:

The main products of our company: 3 axis, 4 axis and 5 axis CNC router for wood and stone, also contain Automatic loading and unloading woodworking machine, wood and stone machining center, the classical furniture engraving machine, engraving and milling machine, and many other kinds of CNC router machine. Our company undertakes to produce and supplydifferent kinds of professional engraving machineand any customer's personalized design will or can be realized.


1, doors and furniture industry: wood and composite doors, cabinet doors, a large area flat plate engraving, wood, furniture sculpture, mural art of wood carving.

2, wood processing: watches, countertop appliances, sporting goods equipment.

3, the music industry: three-dimensional surface can be carved musical instruments, shape cutting.

4, handicraft industry: picture frames, jewelry boxes.

5, the electronics industry: circuit boards, insulation materials, LED displays and other carvings.


 1.As a Linear type ATC woodworking center machine, it is with strong bed frame and high performance.

 2.We adopt strong power vacuum table, suit for small board.

 3.Linear type ATC, save time.

 4.High speed, high efficiency, prefect effect.

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