Máy mài dao DJTOL-20A

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Máy mài dao DJTOL-20A
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Máy mài dao DJTOL-20A

For high precision work and better efficiency , it is desirable to sharpen your cutters by cutter grinder than simply by hand. TheDJTOL-20A cutter grinder is specially designed for this purpose. Other than surface grinding the cutter grinder can sharpen any cutter to whatever shape you want your cutter to be. Highly efficient, save and easy to handle will surely solve the problem of sharpening cutters for you and thus improve your productivity.

1 Grinding wheel Diameter -22602100mm
  Thickness 50mm
  Hole diameter -2260220mm
2   Spindle speed 5200rpm
3   Collet capacity -226023-16mm
  4   Longitudinal traverse of index head carrier 140mm
5   Fine longitudinal adjustment travel of index head carrier 18mm
6   Fine longitudinal adjustment travel of index head carrier 6mm
  7   Taper angle 0-180-24093
8   Negative taper angle 0-52-24093
9   Relief angle 0-44-24093
10   Power 0.30kw
  Speed 2810rrmp
    Voltage Single-phase 220v
  Frequency 50HZ
11   Gross weight (kg) 55kg
    Packing dimensions (cm) 48x39x36.5cm
  a standard ccessories Drive belt 1PCS
Tools 1 SETS
Diamond Wheel 320# 1pcs
Collect 3.175,4,6
Lamp 1set


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